Jenny Prince

Jenny has been part of the Plunket family for over 20 years. She started as a volunteer member when her children were young and became a Plunket Nurse working in South Auckland for a number of years before taking up the role of Area Manager in Papakura and Franklin.

In 2000 Jenny headed up a national project looking at governance and operations and then went on to be Operations Manager in Counties Manukau. She was appointed General Manager of Operations in 2006.

A registered general and obstetric nurse, she has qualifications in education, psychology and business management. Jenny’s work history has taken her from tutor sister at Waikato Hospital School of nursing to village clinic nurse in Tonga to working in the South Auckland community with physically disabled children.

Jenny's understanding of today's community health environment is enhanced by her voluntary involvement with Plunket and her children’s activities and working with community health organisations in South Auckland.

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