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Leadership team

Plunket’s leadership team consists of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the Senior Management Team (SMT). The ELT consists of seven members, and the SMT includes all members of ELT and five General Managers.

  • Jenny Prince1049 HIGH RES4

    Jenny Prince

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jenny has been part of the Plunket family for over 20 years. She started as a volunteer member when her children were young and became a Plunket Nurse working in South Auckland for a number of years before taking up the role of Area Manager in Papakura and Franklin.

    In 2000 Jenny headed up a national project looking at governance and operations and then went on to be Operations Manager in Counties Manukau. She was appointed General Manager of Operations in 2006.

    A registered general and obstetric nurse, she has qualifications in education, psychology and business management. Jenny’s work history has taken her from tutor sister at Waikato Hospital School of nursing to village clinic nurse in Tonga to working in the South Auckland community with physically disabled children.

    Jenny's understanding of today's community health environment is enhanced by her voluntary involvement with Plunket and her children’s activities and working with community health organisations in South Auckland.

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  • Gerald Ross1122 HIGH RES

    Gerald Ross

    Chief Financial Officer (ELT)

    Gerald joined Plunket in June 2007 after many years in private enterprise which had taken him to several parts of the globe including nearly three years in Seoul.

    Gerald’s role of Chief Financial Officer sees him responsible for leading Plunket’s finance, centralised accounting (the team that supports the volunteer treasurers), legal, business services and information communications technology teams.

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  • Andrea McLeod

    Andrea McLeod

    Chief Operating Officer (ELT)

    Andrea joined Plunket in August 2013.

    Andrea has over 15 years experience in health management in both the public, private and NGO sectors. Andrea’s passion is to make a difference to individuals and communities in Aotearoa.

    Andrea has a Bachelor of Midwifery and other qualifications include Women’s Studies, Rehabilitation and Music.

    Away from work and study, Andrea is kept even busier as a mother of 6, which helps to make her somewhat uniquely qualified from a well-child perspective in terms of managing the development and delivery of Plunket’s frontline services.

    Andrea’s weekend time is spent standing on the sideline of the football field (usually shouting), ferrying kids round the city and enjoying the Boho culture of Wellington

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  • Liz Barton0987 HIGH RES

    Liz Barton

    Chief People Officer (ELT)

    Liz is originally from the UK, but having made the journey to New Zealand back in 2000, now considers herself an honorary Kiwi.

    In the UK her career developed from generalist HR roles, into more specialist Organisation Development management roles, predominantly within the UK's retail sector. She moved originally to Christchurch where she worked in a number of roles including GM HR of a contracting company, and as partner in a consulting firm where her clients were many and varied, and included both the Health and Education sectors.

    Since joining Plunket after a move to Wellington, Liz has worked with her team to develop some unique and innovative frameworks and work programmes across the broad range of Organisation and People capability development.

    Liz is passionate about harnessing the capability of organisations towards a common set of goals and values.

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  • Stephanie Shennan1072 HIGH RES

    Stephanie Shennan

    General Manager Community Development and Volunteers (ELT)

    Stephanie is a born and bred ‘Westie’ which is where her initial involvement with Plunket began, first as a client of the service and then as a Plunket Nurse.

    Since then she has worked as a Clinical Leader and then as Area Manager in Waitemata, Auckland City and also a few months in Canterbury. Although it has been 17 years since she started working for Plunket she has not lost her passion for the organisation and enjoys supporting staff and volunteers across the country as they strive to deliver services and support which exceeds expectations.

    The Service Delivery General Manager role has a national overview of all the services and supports provided by Plunket.

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  • Amanda Malu

    Amanda Malu

    Chief Marketing Officer (ELT)

    Amanda joined Plunket in 2014 and brings a wide range of marketing, communications and senior leadership experience to the organisation.

    Working across government and education institutions Amanda has led significant marketing and behavior change campaigns, including the highly successful ‘It’s not Ok’ campaign against family violence while at the Families Commission. Most recently she has held senior management roles within the science and tertiary education sectors.

    Amanda is passionate about the importance of Plunket to Kiwi families and through her leadership of the funding, marketing and communications teams she aims to ensure every family is able to access Plunket support when they need it most. A major area of focus for Amanda is securing the funding required to maintain the wide range of Plunket services available across New Zealand.

    Of Ngai Tahu descent, Amanda grew up in Christchurch and she has lived in Wellington for the past 18 years.

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  • Brenda Hynes1032 HIGH RES

    Brenda Hynes

    General Manager, Operations - Central and Southern

    Brenda is a Southerner through and through. She was born in Invercargill, shifted to Dunedin when she was 10 years old. She has held a variety of nursing roles, as well as working with 2 community health NGO’s in Dunedin.

    Brenda started working for Plunket in 2001 as the National Clinical Advisor Nursing, with 2 key portfolios – Family Violence and the Client Information System. Her key focus over the last few years has been the development of PlunketPlus and looks forward to its implementation in the coming years.

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  • Helen Connors1013 HIGH RES

    Helen Connors

    General Manager, Clinical Services

    Helen is a Registered Nurse whose career began in the primary healthcare sector.

    Helen joined Plunket in 2002 originally as a Plunket Nurse before moving into a Clinical Advisory role and more latterly into management positions.

    Helen is responsible for the leadership of the Service Development group which comprises Clinical Education, Clinical Advisory, Community Development, Pacific Health and Research/Policy/Advocacy.

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  • Lisa Gibson0959 HIGH RES

    Lisa Gibson

    General Manager, People & Capability

    Lisa, originally from the UK, relocated to Wellington with her Kiwi partner in 2013.

    Lisa brings to Plunket extensive HR experience in both technical and team leadership aspects of human resources. Lisa has worked more recently for an evidence-based medical publisher and information provider in the UK in a senior management position where she developed and implemented a highly effective organisation and people development strategy to support and facilitate the strategic aims and objectives of the organisation.

    After 9 years of living and working in London, she is very much enjoying the New Zealand way of life!

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  • Craig LeQuesne1105 LOW RES

    Craig LeQuesne

    General Manager, Information Communications & Technology

    Craig is a born and bred Kiwi with no displacement issues. He has three kids, with the youngest a current user of the fantastic services offered by Plunket.

    Craig has over 15 years experience working with IT in the education sector including web management and education sector shared services. One of Craig’s main goals is to bring a human touch to technology so that Plunket can maximise the outcomes for kids.

    When Craig is not talking the technology talk, he is found coaching rippa rugby, scoring kids cricket and driving kids to the next event.

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