Plunket's electronic Health Record (ePHR) in the field

Families in Northland are the first in the country to experience the digital future of Plunket’s ‘Well Child Tamariki Ora’ health checks through the electronic Plunket Health Record – or ePHR.  Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Marker Metro and Koorb, the ePHR will help Plunket improve children’s health outcomes by giving families a more effective service. 

The introduction of the ePHR is about a future where frontline Plunket staff access, store and receive children’s health records digitally rather than in paper files. It will help Plunket improve children’s health outcomes by connecting families more quickly with the services they need, and by reducing administration to allow nurses more time to focus on care.

Plunket Nurse Carla Taylor talks here about how the new ePHR is already making a difference in her working day.


You can read more about the Northland pilot here 

For more information about the ePHR and the work Plunket is doing in this space please contact:

Rachel Niven
04 470 4900 

To speak with Microsoft about it's partnership and the work it has undertaken with Plunket please contact:

Belinda Gorman
Citizenship lead
04 470 6595 

Jeff Healey
Public Sector lead
04 470 6612

Terry Chapman
Public Sector architect
04 470 6599





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