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Hannah Cook has been a PlunketLine nurse for the past five years. Previously a Plunket nurse working with families in the community, she was looking for a new challenge…

People often ask me what I love most about working at PlunketLine. That’s easy; it’s the difference we make, every day, to the lives of young children and families in our community.

Recently I took a call from a distressed and worried mother, whose baby was crying and nothing was helping. We talked about her baby’s usual sleeping and eating patterns, and about what had been happening that day. We quickly established that her usual support networks hadn’t been available during that particular week, and had caused some stress. With the baby still upset and crying, we talked about rocking her and other techniques that might settle her. Eventually mum was able to settle her daughter to sleep.

Together we organised a friend to pop around and help that evening, and a visit from a relief Well Child nurse the next day. I also offered to phone her back, which helped to ease her anxieties. By the time we’d finished talking, she sounded like a completely different person.

It’s calls like these that are so important for families, and I feel so privileged to be there to support them. These days many people don’t have the benefit of extended family or friends, so PlunketLine can be like an extended family, a 24/7 support system when they don’t know what else to do.

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