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How to make a Bequest

Below you'll find some useful advice on how to word your Will and the types of gifts you can make here as well as the details of who to contact if you need more information or assistance.

Note the "X" marks below where your designated amounts or descriptions would be required, as appropriate.

"I bequeath to The Plunket Foundation (charity CC35424) the sum of $X


"I bequeath to The Plunket Foundation (charity CC35424) the sum of $X% of my estate


"I bequeath to The Plunket Foundation (charity CC35424) X%, of the residue of my estate


"I bequeath my X {description of property or asset(s)} to The Plunket Foundation (charity CC35424)

Free of all charges to the Plunket Foundation (CC35424) to be used for general purposes, and the official receipt of the Plunket Foundation will be sufficient acknowledgement of having received this gift"


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