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Babies don’t come with a manual – but in New Zealand, they do come with Plunket. Tune in to Season 1 of the Plunket Parenting Podcast for trustworthy parenting advice and support, and some good chat.

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1. Sleep & Newborns - How to survive those first six weeks 

This episode we’re talking sleep, newborns and staying sane.

Tune in to hear our PlunketLine Nurses talk about the mechanics of newborn sleep (did you know that babies can’t tell the difference between night and day?), what to expect as a new parent, and some of the common sleep issues we hear on the phones – and what to do about them.

We’ll also be chatting to the lovely Magnolia about her experience as a new (sleep deprived) mum. Need support? Our PlunketLine Nurses are here for you 24/7 on 0800 933 922. 

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2. Parental Mental Health - What to do when you don't feel like yourself

This week we're talking about Parental Mental Health, a big topic that affects a lot of us.

Tune in to hear our hosts Kate and Mamae learn more about maternal and paternal mental health as they chat to Jacquie (loveliest woman alive) from Plunket's post-natal adjustment programme and Dr Siale from Homecare Medical's Depression Helpline about what post-natal depression is, the signs, and how to get support; and also the fabulous Jacqui (it's a double Jacqui podcast this week!), mum of three and founder of Bellyful, about how she turned her struggle with post-natal anxiety and depression into a beautiful support network for women and families all across Aotearoa.

Please note that suicide is discussed as part of this podcast. If you would like to reach out to talk to someone about how you're feeling, or if you're concerned about a loved one, you can call or txt 1737 at any time to talk to a trained counsellor for free - or our very own PlunketLine on 0800 933 922. This is not a journey you have to go through alone.

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3. Interview with the RadDads

This episode Kate chats to two stand-up blokes, Will and Greg from the RadDads, about doing things ‘the dad way’, how to keep a healthy relationship once baby is in the mix, their best piece of advice from interviewing Mike McRoberts, and how Clark Kent became Will’s #lifegoals.

Check out the RadDads on Facebook to find out more, and join the virtual man cave.

Need someone to talk to? Our PlunketLine Nurses are here for you 24/7 on 0800 933 922.

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