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Tuesday 17 June is the launch date of the Tick for Kids community coalition, of which Plunket is a member.

 Tick for Kids aims to make sure children’s rights, and interests are a central focus in the lead up to the 2014 election and into the next parliament.

Plunket urges political parties to prioritise children’s access to good quality health services, housing, education and welfare to ensure every child has what they need to live a safe, happy and fulfilled life.

 Over 30 organisations involved in improving life for New Zealand children have come together to illustrate the depth and breadth of support for the Tick for Kids campaign.

 Plunket CEO Mrs Jenny Prince says, “It is important that policies support parents to do the best they can for their children.  When we put all of our children first, the whole country benefits.  We need to invest in the early years.”

 Plunket is asking political candidates and their parties to put children at the centre of their election policies.

 “It is time to focus on all our children’s interests and resource our communities to support their families and children,” says Mrs Prince.  “We must make sure all children get the best start in life to reach their potential.”

 Opinion polls show a growing level of concern about children living in poverty in New Zealand.  Currently 27% of New Zealand children live in poverty.

 “If we are to have a strong and functioning society in the future we must address issues like access to health care, parenting and inadequate housing. This requires a political response,” says Mrs Prince.

 Plunket believes New Zealanders have a duty of care to protect the youngest and most vulnerable of its citizens.  The organisation is encouraging its members to ask all political candidates what they intend to do to put children at the centre of their parties’ policies. 

If you are interested in achieving measurable improvements in child health, you can get involved in Tick for Kids by visiting www.tick4kids.org.nz

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For more information contact: 

Zac Prendergast | Media Manager
022 345 1969 | zac.prendergast@plunket.org.nz

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