An insight into the life of a Plunket nurse

Plunket has today launched an interview series that reveals the challenges and rewards of life as a Plunket nurse.

The Making a Difference series is a feature of Plunket’s 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle fundraising campaign, which aims to promote awareness around the vital role that the charity plays in the first 1000 days of a child’s life.

“The best research shows that what happens to a child in their first 1000 days will influence their entire life,” Plunket Chief Executive Amanda Malu says. “The type of care that a child receives in that critical time can be the difference between a life of happiness, or a life of hardship. It will influence the adult that he or she will become and the path that child will follow.

“Plunket is in the unique position of being able to provide that all-important care in the first 1000 days, with our nurses visiting the homes of 90% of all children born in New Zealand.”

The Making a Difference interview series provides an insight into the essential role that Plunket nurses play in supporting whānau and communities across New Zealand. Nurse Karen says “The biggest thing for me is that I love to build families up and tell them they are doing a great job. I don’t think we do this enough. We need to tell people that they are doing well because sometimes, no one else it is saying that.”

Nurse Shona talks about some of the challenges associated with the role. “Sometimes a family is going through a situation and your heart melts. Even when you do your job well and right, you still go home with it. I always hope they are doing okay.”

The Raise a Bundle campaign will help Plunket to raise the $4 million that it needs each year to continue its work in the community.

“Our goal is to be there for every child born in New Zealand so that they get the best possible start to life,” Ms Malu says. “For some families, it might be the reassuring home check they need, for others it might be a late-night call to our free 24/7 PlunketLine for healthcare advice. Many parents learn a lot from our parenting education classes.

“We want to ensure that all children and their families have the opportunity to thrive. But as a charity, we can’t do it alone. We need New Zealanders to help us make the difference of a lifetime.”

The Making a Difference series will run over two weeks on Plunket’s Raise a Bundle blog, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Donations to the Raise a Bundle Campaign can be made at  

26 January 2017

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