At Home with baby: 26 weeks' paid leave


It’s an interesting time for the paid parental leave lobby group, 26 for Babies coalition. On 19 September the draft law aiming for 26 weeks’ paid parental leave will be back in the hands of our politicians.

Plunket recommends 26 weeks’ paid parental leave to give New Zealand children the best start in life. This period would also line us up with countries that have more generous leave packages - as well as demonstrating New Zealand’s commitment to passing laws affirming the United Nations children’s convention.

We rely on research showing that at least six months’ paid leave tends to have the following benefits:

  • increased breastfeeding opportunities

  • enhanced attachment opportunities

  • community development (through improved connections as mothers stay home longer and seek community support) 

  • reduced family financial stress 

And, of course, it makes economic good sense by improving child (and parental) health and setting the platform for a child’s long term health and development.  Check out Plunket's full submission for more information.

NOTE: We’ve already heard that the Government intends to veto the proposed law change, which would stop it going any further. Some of you may have seen the pink 26 for Babies postcards around - you might like to post one of these, or take 30 seconds online right now to complete a 26 for Babies coalition e-card asking our Prime Minister not to veto 26 weeks’ paid parental leave.

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  • i didnt get paid parental leave wth my first in 1998,second in 2000, third child in 2004.and i was thinking of going back to work after having thm but didnt

    Posted by vicky, 30/07/2013 6:26pm (6 years ago)

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