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Plunket’s Raise a Bundle (RAB) fundraising campaign has provided Plunket partners with a platform to engage with their audiences. It has created an environment where partners can profile their relationship with Plunket, as well as help us to raise funds to support our community services.

BestStart is one of these valued Plunket partners, and we are looking forward to what lies ahead in 2017. In the last week of Feb, first week of March all BestStart staff, families and children across the country will be preparing to go all out and support us in their Raise a Bundle appeal week. Even more exciting is that we have a wee bundle who we have been following and will no doubt feature as part of their appeal.  

BestStart Marketing Manager, Rachel Bothar welcomed baby daughter Amelia on the September 27. Throughout our RAB campaign we will be following the progress of mum Rachel and baby Amelia, sharing all of their important milestones. Here is what they have been up to…

North Shore baby Amelia is 64 days old now and is doing well. She is thriving with an impressive 2kg weight gain since birth. Mum Rachel had a good first visit with her Plunket nurse and is well on the way to raising her own little bundle. Rachel says it’s been a steep learning curve and she’s amazed by how important her ante natal group has become. “I meet up with at least of few of them almost every day – we go to a Box Fit class at a local gym once a week – where the babies are looked after while we work out. We also have coffee mornings and play groups. I’ve been really surprised by how different our different experiences have been. We are all doing it differently, not even our birth experiences were the same.”

We want to say a big thank you to Rachel and baby Amelia for being part of our Raise a bundle campaign, we look forward to watching and seeing how this precious wee girl develops over the next 1,000 days.

Join us on Facebook as we follow the progress of half a dozen babies who are featuring as part of our 1,000 Days to Raise a Bundle fund raising campaign. More at

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