Christchurch: Supporting your children

Following the tragic events in Christchurch, your children and other family members may have lots of questions or be fearful.

It is ok not to have all the answers. At times like this, children want and need to feel safe, so being there to answer their questions is really important as is lots of extra love and hugs.

Try to keep to normal routines – being mindful of any health or police alerts in your area.

Some tips for talking with your whānau:

  • Let them lead the conversation and avoid exposure to graphic images and ongoing news stories.
  • When answering their questions use simple language that they can understand.
  • Older children may feel confused, especially if they see you upset. Be as honest as possible without providing too much detail about the event.
  • Be understanding – they may have problems with sleeping, tantrums, etc – reassure them and let them know what they are feeling is ok.
  • Talk to teenagers who are on social media about what they are seeing and hearing.
  • Talk about the positive actions of those involved who helped people – real life heroes.
  • Look after yourself and make sure you take time to talk to other adults about how you are feeling.

Need to talk:

  • 1737 - Need to Talk? - txt or call 1737 to speak/or txt with a trained counsellor (this is a 24/7 service)
  • PlunketLine – 24/7 advice and support – freephone 0800 933 922
  • Contact your local GP

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