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Facebook Chat Thanks to the wonders of ‘social media’, the Plunket community can now be found in all corners of New Zealand and the world.

Every day, hundreds of Kiwi parents and caregivers are talking online – to us and other parents – about the challenges and rewards of parenting. It’s proving a great way for them to get advice and support, and for us to get feedback and learn how we can be more relevant and helpful in today’s busy world.

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Interested in joining the conversations? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Our next Facebook chat

If you need some advice directly from a Plunket nurse, you might like to join one of our monthly live Facebook chats. Simply post your question(s) on our Facebook page in advance of the chat, or private message if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Our next chat is May 6 at 2pm and will cover Mother's Health.  Follow us on Facebook to be kept in the loop.

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