Could you be saving money on your family’s power bill?

With winter power bills on the way, we’ve partnered with the Electricity Authority for a post on how you can check you’re on the best deal for your family.

Did you know there are 29 different electricity brands operating in New Zealand? That’s a lot of options.

To help find the best option for you, the Electricity Authority have created a free, independent online tool called Check it out – it only takes you 2 minutes and itmight save you money.

Asking the important questions

The Electricity Authority have pulled together a list of the top five questions to ask help you navigate the (sometimes confusing) world of power companies, and get the best deal for your family:

  1. Contract length: Ask how long you are (or will be) contracted for and if there is a break fee. If you think things might change – for example you may move or you are expecting a baby, it’s worth thinking about whether the contract will still suit your future lifestyle.
  2. Payment terms: Most retailers offer direct debit and online payments. It’s also worth checking what their billing cycle is and if they offer other payment options such as prepay, weekly or smooth pay. It can also help to know how your bill will arrive - some retailers only do online billing, while others offer paper based but charge for this.
  3. Tracking your use: Some retailers offer phone app and online services to help you track your use. Also, if you can change the time that you use power it might be worth looking for retailers that offer low prices at certain times of the day.
  4. Special deals: Always ask if a retailer has any special sign-up deals.
  5. Check with your current retailer: If you are happy with your current retailer, but you have been offered a better deal it can pay to discuss with your existing retailer if they can match it.

Head to the website for some more power – and money – saving tips.  

The Electricity Authority, an independent Crown Entity with a statutory objective to promote competition in, reliable supply by, and the efficient operation of, the electricity industry for the long-term benefit of consumers.

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