Countdown — Halloween LED Spinning Wand Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Countdown — Halloween LED Spinning Wand.

The product has been recalled because the wand may crack open when dropped, exposing the button cell batteries.

Ingestion of button cell batteries by young children can cause internal burns which may lead to serious injuries or death.

There have been no reports of any injury.

What to do if you have this product? 

Stop using your Halloween wand immediately.

Return your wand to any Countdown supermarket for a full refund.

For more information read here

Important safety notice on batteries

Button or cell batteries pose a safety threat to young children. For further information about the dangers of button batteries read here

Prevention: Search, Secure and Share

Kids under 6 are at the greatest risk. Many coin-sized button batteries can appear “invisible” to parents because devices come with the batteries already installed. To keep your children safe:

  • SEARCH your home, and any place your child goes, for gadgets that may contain button batteries.
  • SECURE button battery-controlled devices out of sight and reach of children and keep loose batteries locked away.
  • SHARE this life-saving information with caregivers, friends, family and whanau.

In an Emergency: Get Help Fast

Keeping these batteries locked away and secured in devices is key, but if a coin-sized button battery is swallowed, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately. Tell doctors and nurses that it might be a coin-sized button battery. If possible, provide the medical team with the identification number found on the battery’s pack.
  • Do not let the child eat or drink until an X-ray can determine if a battery is present.
  • Do not induce vomiting.

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