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Plunket says beware of bogus charity collectors

Plunket’s Annual ‘Bear Hug’ Appeal kicks off next week which means that collectors will soon be taking to the streets around the country to raise funds for local Plunket services. Unfortunately, this also brings a risk of bogus collectors shaking a bucket or knocking on doors and claiming to be from Plunket. Every year a number of unscrupulous groups and individuals attempt to defraud the public by pretending to collect on behalf of charities.

HealthPost helps Plunket grow great kiwi kids

HealthPost, New Zealand’s online natural health and beauty shop, has generously donated over $8,500 towards Plunket Family Centres and clinics during their January ‘Charity of the Month’ campaign. As part of their ‘Charity of the Month’ promotion, HealthPost asked customers to select a charity to donate $2 towards – an initiative that HealthPost pays for, not the customer. During January, Plunket received over 4,250 votes resulting in the $8,500 donation.

Auckland measles outbreak highlights importance of immunisation

News of a feared measles outbreak in Auckland has prompted Plunket to restate the importance of immunisation. “Immunisation is the most effective way to protect children from the many childhood diseases that can affect New Zealand families today,” says Plunket clinical advisor Allison Jamieson.  Allison says these diseases can have serious complications and are often spread by family members or friends.

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Plunket supports tobacco plain packaging legislation

New Zealand’s largest provider of services to support the well being of children under five welcomes proposed legislation requiring plain packaging of tobacco products. The Smoke-free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill passed its first reading in Parliament last night and has now been referred to the Health Select Committee for public consultation. Plunket Clinical Advisor Elaine Gordon says Plunket actively support the government’s goal of halving tobacco consumption by 2015 and achieving a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025.

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Plunket casting for TVC

Do you still have your Plunket Book? or maybe your mum has got it tucked away safely for you?
We are looking for people of all ages to take part in a new Television commercial airing in March. We are looking for individuals and a variety of family groups – siblings, multi-generational families, mother/son, father/daughter… 
Filming will take place in Wellington on Sunday 16 February so all applicants must be based in Wellington. Is your Plunket book tucked away? Keep it there! We want your reactions in reading your book for the first time in a long time.

Plunket partners with VTNZ to help grow great kiwi kids

Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ) has teamed up with Plunket to help provide for New Zealand’s future generations as a ‘Pick Me Help Plunket’ partner. The two organisations have been working together since 2006 but are now formalising and extending the relationship. VTNZ Chief Executive Mike Walsh said that, as part of VTNZ’s commitment to safety, “we’re delighted to increase our nationwide support for Plunket to help them provide more support services to New Zealand families.

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Colgate teams up with Plunket and the New Zealand Dental Association to alleviate New Zealand’s cavity count

Early childhood caries is one of the most common and costly diseases of childhood, according to the Report of the Health Committee, and Colgate, Plunket and the New Zealand Dental Association are working together to establish healthy oral hygiene habits in Kiwi kids from a young age. Colgate gives a toothbrush and toothpaste to every new Plunket baby at their five month visit along with educational resources for parents in a bid to combat early childhood caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities. Colgate Scientific Affairs Manager Rebecca Schipper says oral disease and its consequences, such as pain and self-consciousness, can have a profound effect on a person’s quality of life and future ability to gain employment, highlighting the importance of taking care of our children’s teeth.

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