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Plunket lends its support to World Immunisation Week

Plunket says World Immunisation Week, which kicks off today, is a wonderful opportunity to promote the importance of immunisation to communities throughout New Zealand. World Immunisation Awareness Week (28 April – 2 May) is a World Health Organization initiative to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Plunket clinical advisor Allison Jamieson says immunisation is a vitally important a tool to protect New Zealand families and communities.

Plunket Family Centre upgrades

You might remember that in December last year we asked you to help us raise money for Plunket Family Centres around New Zealand, as many were struggling with the costs and practicalities of urgently needed repairs and upkeep. While many still need your help, the good news is that you’ve enabled us to get a lot of critical projects underway. This is a vitally important project, because our Family Centres are more than just buildings – they provide a space to connect children and parents with their communities and of course, with Plunket.

Connecting with our online community

Thanks to the wonders of ‘social media’, the Plunket community can now be found in all corners of New Zealand and the world. Every day, hundreds of Kiwi parents and caregivers are talking online – to us and other parents – about the challenges and rewards of parenting. It’s proving a great way for them to get advice and support, and for us to get feedback and learn how we can be more relevant and helpful in today’s busy world.

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Plunket & me

A recent email from a Plunket mum led us to an astonishing discovery: a Plunket mothers’ group that first met in September 1951, and continues to meet today!Kellie wrote to tell us about her grandmother who, now 87 years old, is an active member of the ‘Plunket Old Girls’ – a group of women who as young mothers formed the Royal Oak Plunket Mothers’ Club. With their babies as their uniting force, the mothers initially met for afternoons of fun and friendship in a local church. Later, and as their children grew older, they held evening meetings in borrowed rooms and each other’s homes, and more recently they’ve chosen to lunch at a local cafe.

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A day in the life of a Community Karitane

Jeanette Adams-Schneider has worked for Plunket for the past 26 years. A trained Karitane Nurse, she’s part of the Plunket Community Karitane team in Wellington. I’m often asked why I’ve worked for Plunket for so long.

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Plunket Book TV Advertisements

Here’s proof that donations come in all shapes and sizes: in February we received a gift of free television advertising from the SkyTV network, including Prime, TV3 and FOUR. This wonderful gesture meant we could spread the word about our upcoming Annual Appeal to more people than ever before. So we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the precious memories recorded in the Plunket books of people young and old around New Zealand.

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Knit World

Earlier this year, Knit World, one of New Zealand’s leading knit specialists, launched a ‘Knit World Pattern for Plunket’ campaign. Since then the teams at Knit World’s stores have been asking their customers to use purpose-designed patterns to knit beanies, singlets and booties for Plunket babies and toddlers. They’ve also kindly offered their stores as collection points, distributing the tiny garments to local Plunket clinics to ensure they go to the families who need them most.

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Report on Appeals

Our thanks go to everyone who has supported our recent appeals. Your belief in our work and commitment to the wellbeing of New Zealand’s children leaves us humbled and very, very grateful. Building buses
In October last year we launched the ‘Build a Bus’ appeal in response to an urgent need for more mobile Plunket clinics.

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Bequest society update

The Truby King Bequest Society’s programme of hosting functions for small groups of supporters around the country is proving very successful. In January the location was Greytown, Wairarapa, with a function that attracted Plunket supporters representing generations of grandparents, parents and children. “These functions are a fantastic opportunity for us to discuss the option of leaving a bequest to Plunket with those who already support us through donations, and to thank them personally for being part of the Plunket family,” says Abby Cormack, our Bequest Programme Manager.

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A word from Plunket's top collector

Plunket’s Online Collector is in its third year this Appeal and each year Plunket teams get more and more savvy with how they use it.  This year our top 10 collectors raised more than $11,150 between them. That's 46% of the $24,023.
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