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Plunket's Katrina Coleman - NZNO Young Nurse of the Year

The NZNO Young Nurse of the Year for 2014 is Katrina Coleman, 27, a Plunket nurse in Newtown, Wellington. She works with a large number of new migrant families, and helping improve their health outcomes is just as likely to see her advocating to move them to better housing, as assessing children’s growth and development. The communities have changed since Plunket began over a century ago, but Katrina’s work today in building trust with families, and connecting them with the people and services they and their children need to thrive has a lot in common with those first Plunket nurses.

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Tips for dealing with Daylight Savings

Keeping your children’s bedtimes during daylight savings can be difficult, children can often wake earlier and get to sleep later as their body’s and minds adjust. Here are some tips you might find useful when daylight savings approaches:
In the week or two leading up to daylight savings, try getting your child into bed a little earlier each night. For example, adjust their bedtime by 15 minutes earlier each night this will be less noticeable to the body.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Caitlin Reddish on 18 September 2014

Dad’s the word for new Plunket groups

Think ‘Plunket group’ and the image that probably springs to mind is new mums getting together over a coffee to share their parenting stories. But now dads in Southland and Otago are getting in on the act, launching their own all-dads Plunket groups. “I set the group up because as a father I found there was nowhere for dads to go and talk about parenting stuff,” says Liam O’Sullivan, Plunket’s Community Services Leader for Southland, who launched the first Plunket all-dads group in Invercargill in May this year: “The thing we’ve found is dads want somewhere to hang out with their kids and with other dads.

Plunket toddlers become teachers for a day at all boys school

Father’s day came early for Year 12 students at Dilworth School, when eight Plunket dads and their young children visited the all boys’ school earlier this month as part of Plunket’s Education in Schools programme. Around 80 students got a first-hand experience of being a dad – bathing the children, reading to them and playing with them – while hearing from dads about what it’s like to be a parent. Plunket Educator Juile Weatherall worked with Dilworth School to organise the session: “As Dilworth is an all boys school we wanted to see if we could get an all dads group along for the first time.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 4 September 2014

Plunket celebrates dads this Father’s day

This Father’s Day (Sunday 7 September), Plunket is celebrating all New Zealand dads who help give their kids a good start in life, year-round. “Nearly 60,000 babies were born in New Zealand in 2013, and we can confirm that not one parent reported their newborn arrived with an instruction manual!” said Liam O’Sullivan, Plunket Community Services Leader in Southland. “Many dads are finding their own way to bond with their kids and be great dads.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 4 September 2014

BNZ’s ‘Closed for Good’ volunteer day works magic at Plunket

When BNZ staff arrived at Plunket in Featherston this morning to volunteer for the day, they were tasked with a tall order – make our playground magical. Through BNZ’s annual ‘Closed for Good’ programme, which this year sees almost 4000 staff volunteer for the day at over 460 community projects nationwide, Plunket asked staff from the local BNZ branch to create an inspiring, creative, safe and fun play space for local children. “It’s amazing.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 4 September 2014

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