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Plunket Appeal Week, 6-12 March 2016

It's Plunket’s annual Appeal week!
Appeal brings in a substantial amount of funds for your local Plunket. Funds raised can make a significant difference to services funded and offered to local communities including parent education programmes, parent support groups such as coffee groups, play groups and toy libraries. Our dedicated Plunket volunteers are organising various fundraising events in your community between 6-12 March and for the entire month of March.

The Warehouse supports Plunket’s Seen & Safe programme

The Warehouse supports Plunket’s Seen & Safe programme in Otago and Southland by raising funds for helmets and hi-vis vests as well as raising awareness of the programme. The Add a $ campaign ran during December and focused mainly on asking for a $1 donation from customers at the checkout.  Additionally there were other activities that raised the profile of both The Warehouse and Plunket including Sausage Sizzles, parcel wrapping and poster displays.
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