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Plunket health-checks for newborns set to go digital

Plunket nurses in Wellington/Wairarapa are starting to record health information for newborns and children newly-enrolled to Plunket by tablet and app instead of paper and pen – but there are no plans to phase out the well-loved Well Child Tamariki Ora book, historically known as the Plunket book. Instead of taking paper health records to home visits with families, nurses will complete the Well Child Tamariki Ora health check via an app on-screen. The electronic Plunket Health Record (ePHR) will be used by 59 nurses in the Wellington/Wairarapa region, and Plunket’s goal is to roll out the ePHR across the country by the end of the year.

Plunket research into improving its services for Pacific families

Pacific families from Auckland, Wellington and Whanganui have taken part in new research to help Plunket improve its services for the Pacific community. Eighty-four families from 9 Pacific ethnicities took part in 12 focus groups with Plunket, sharing their stories and experiences and giving their suggestions for how Plunket could work differently to better meet their needs. Seven key people from Plunket and external agencies with expertise in working with Pacific clients were also interviewed for the research.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 12 March 2016

Become a Plunket Hero

This month you have the special opportunity to be an online fundraiser for Plunket.  
PlunketHero is our new platform where anyone can sign up to be an online collector for Plunket. Whether you are running a marathon, hosting a special party, or just want to show your support to New Zealand families you can help Plunket by signing up and shaking that virtual bucket.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Shirin Bradfield on 4 March 2016

An interesting link from Plunket
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