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Plunket: Winter a dangerous time for children

Along with many New Zealanders, Plunket worries about the arrival of winter.  
“At this time of the year, families on low incomes really struggle to make ends meet and often can’t afford high heating bills.   We encourage all landlords and property agents to make sure their rental homes are insulated, heavy curtains have been provided to keep out drafts, and any water leaks or dampness are dealt with quickly,” said Sue Campbell, Plunket’s National Child Safety Advisor.

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Plunket and ACC are joining forces to make Kiwi kids safer

Each year more than 110,000 children are injured at home and in the wider community, so Plunket and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) are teaming up to help prevent injuries and make Kiwi kids safer.  
By the time they are two years old, 28 percent of all Kiwi children will need medical treatment after an accident at home, says Plunket Acting Chief Executive Amanda Malu. “The most common cause of injury to children are falls – with 64,000 children under five hurt last year.
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