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Plunket urges businesses to support breastfeeding mothers

Plunket urges any business or organisation with public access to provide a supportive space for breastfeeding mums. This week (1-7 August) is international Breastfeeding Week and Plunket National Advisor, Marianne Grant says “In many towns and cities around the country, mothers often struggle to find somewhere comfortable and indoors to feed their babies when they are out and about.   Plunket would like to see cafes, shops, businesses, council buildings and government departments do their bit to give the next generation the best possible start in life.

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Jazslings Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Jazslings - Dummy Clip Silicone Pacifier Clip Accessory Teething Clip Dummy Holder Strap.  
This product has been recalled because small parts are able to be detached and if small parts detach during use this poses a potential choking hazard. It also exceeds the required length of Australian standards for dummy chains.

Plunket urges parents to enrol babies with their local dental clinic

July is Oral Health month and Plunket is encouraging parents to make sure their babies are enrolled with their local dental clinic. It’s important to start regular dental check-ups from when your child’s first teeth appear. Community dental clinics are free and are often located within primary schools.

Plunket and Huggies Nappies Make Time for Hugs

Plunket is partnering with the Huggies nappies team to bring a simple yet important message to kiwis to Make Time for Hugs.   Believing it takes a village to raise a child, we want to remind not only mums and dads, but the extended family, of the deep and lasting benefits of hugs to a child’s development and wellbeing and the importance of making time to hug their baby. Make Time for Hugs captures the everyday moving emotional connections between mum, dad, grandparent, sibling, aunt, and baby of real New Zealand families.

New Pick Me Help Plunket partner welcomed

Bayer is a global enterprise and its Consumer Health division is one of the leading suppliers of non-prescription (OTC) drug products and dietary supplements. Its well-known brand, Bepanthen has been healing skin for over 70 years – a product many of you with babies and children may already be familiar with!
Bepanthen® Ointment, which is now under the Pick Me Help Plunket umbrella, has a dual action to help treat and prevent nappy rash, keeping skin hydrated by providing a breathable waterproof barrier. Unlike other nappy rash creams, Bepanthen® Ointment contains Provitamin B5 which helps the skin actively heal and repair its natural barrier from within.
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