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No need to lose sleep over bedwetting

Plunket Nurse Anita Quensell spoke to Duncan Garner today on Newshub about bedwetting in the lead up to World Bedwetting Day on 30 May.  
You can watch the full interview on the Newshub website.  
Plunket and our sponsor Huggies have teamed up to bring you 10 top tips for parents on how to deal with their child's bedwetting:

Children are ready to be dry at night at different ages.

Plunket honours local mum

Eva Silverstone from Freemans Bay has been named Volunteer of the Year 2016 for Plunket’s Northern Region. Originally from Germany, mum-of-three Eva has been volunteering for her local Plunket for nine years. Starting as the coffee group host and coordinator, Eva has taken over the role as secretary to the President of the Ponsonby/Herne Bay Plunket Committee and is now leading the area’s volunteer group and does everything from running fundraising events, writing for the quarterly newsletter to being the contact for parents in the area.

Plunket welcomes budget measures as positive step forward for struggling families

Plunket has welcomed budget measures to put more money in the pockets of low income working families as a positive step forward. “We welcome the government’s investment in families with young children. Raising tax thresholds and increasing the accommodation supplement will put more money into the pockets of families with young children, and this is a much needed and welcome step forward,” said Plunket CEO Amanda Malu.

Plunket turns 110 - thank you to our volunteers

Plunket turns 110-years-old today. This is an amazing milestone, and all the more spectacular when you think that New Zealand only officially became the nation we know it as today 177-years-ago. We are a true Kiwi institution!
Our work touches and changes lives, and you are a part of that.
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