Daylight Savings Ends April 3rd - Tips for Helping Kids Adjust

Daylight Savings Ends

Daylight savings can sometimes disrupt sleeping patterns in young ones and while some children adjust easily to change, others need a little help – all children are different! Try some of the following tips to help your kids adjust to the end of daylight savings:

  • Young babies: Nothing much changes for young babies as they are still developing sleep and eating routines and will adjust when they are ready.

  • Older children: You may have already noticed with the darker mornings that your children are already starting to sleep a little longer and as the days become shorter some children will naturally adapt very quickly to turning back the clock.

  • Some children are regular as clockwork with their routines and they may find it easier to adapt to the change if there are incremental changes in their routine. In the week or two leading up to daylight savings, try getting your child into bed a little later each night. For example, adjust their bedtime by 15 minutes later each night this will be less noticeable to the body.

Remember it might take a few nights for them to get used to the change – generally it takes a week for everyone to adjust.




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