Hands-on introduction to baby’s first solids


Sometimes we learn better by doing, and that was just what Kaipatiki Plunket parents in Glenfield Auckland had the opportunity to do recently at the first practical introduction to solids.

solidsThe session, a joint initiative between the clinical team and community support, was designed to follow on from the Karitane introduction to solids session and allow parents to be hands-on and observe how to prepare their baby’s first foods.

“We were hearing more and more often that parents didn’t have the skills or knowledge about how to prepare their baby’s first foods, and in our community a lot of new parents don’t have family support so they don’t have a mum or grandmother to ask for help,” says local Community Support Coordinator Raelene Fraser.

Nine parents attended the first session and the small group made it possible for people to ask lots of questions as well as have practical experience. Parents were able to see how to cook the food by boiling and steaming, and what consistency to aim for when pureeing the foods. Each attendee took away sample pots of each of the foods prepared – kumara, carrots, apples and pears. The food was kindly donated by Foodtogether, a food co-operative in Auckland which uses its profits to feed the homeless.

Feedback from parents at the end of the session showed they all found the course to be highly valuable and would recommend to other parents that they attend future sessions. All the parents now feel more confident about preparing their baby’s first solids. “It was really useful and gave me a lot of confidence about making solids for my daughter in a month’s time,” said one participant in thanking Plunket for organising it.

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