Huggies on ‘par’ with Plunket’s golf day

For the past nine years, Kimberley Clark (KC), as part of their sustainability programme, challenge themselves to make positive contributions to communities throughout New Zealand.


For one day a year, KC staff down pens and pick up tools to help different community organisations in any way they can. Plunket has been fortunate to have KC volunteer their services for two initiatives – first, the makeover of the Plunket Waitemata Area Family Centre in 2009, and more recently, helping at Plunket’s first inaugural golf tournament.

To help ‘drive’ fundraising, Plunket organised a golf tournament in September for its partners, suppliers and individuals to take part. After an initial discussion with Huggies, KC’s nappy brand and Plunket national sponsor, they confirmed they would be delighted to ‘man the sponsored holes’ at the tournament as their volunteer day for 2016.

‘Manning sponsored holes’ included running activities like judging the fanciest tee off, monitoring the longest drive, closest to the tee, collecting donations and taking photos plus more. Huggies helpers also helped to set up the course, pack goody bags and pack down the course at the end of the day.

“This was a great way for us to contribute to New Zealand communities by helping at Plunket’s event. The Huggies Consumer and Professional teams like to rise to a challenge and their agility on the day was outstanding doing all that was asked of them and more! It made me very proud to see my team get into the spirit of the day”, says Sharna Heinjus, General Manager Kimberly-Clark New Zealand

Plunket and Huggies are about to celebrate 25 years in partnership.

It’s through wonderful partnerships like this that we can do so much more to raise funds and help families. The golf tournament raised over $10,000 and we hope to double this figure next year.

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