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Plunket will be providing regular updates on the precautionary recall of some Nutricia Karicare products.

Only two lines of Nutricia Karicare infant formula have been recalled as they may have been contaminated with Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

What is included in the recall?

The latest information from the Ministry for Primary Industries, as of midday Monday 12 August, is that there has been a narrowing of the infant formula recall information.

The affected products have been narrowed down to:

  • Nutricia Karicare Stage 1 Infant Formula (0–6 months), 900g can produced between 21 May 2013 and 2 August 2013 (inclusive)

  • Nutricia Karicare Gold+ Stage 2 Follow-on Formula (from 6 months), 900g can produced between 21 May 2013 and 2 August 2013 (inclusive).

12.08.13 Updated product images2







If you still have 900g cans of either of these products, check the production date on the base of the tin which looks like this:

Karicare production date image2






 If you still have 900g cans of either of these products with a production date between 21.05.2013 and 02.08.2013, that formula is still subject to a precautionary recall and should not be consumed.

What isn’t included in the recall?

The precautionary recall no longer applies to either of these two products that were manufactured outside the affected dates. These products are safe to consume.

The recall also no longer applies to the 29.6 g sachets and 32.8 g sticks. These products will be back on the shelves from midday on 12 August 2013.

This is an evolving situation – changes are occurring as more information becomes available. For the most up-to-date official information, which is also available in Tongan and Samoan, visit:

Returning product

Official advice is that you should not continue to use either of the recalled products. If you think you may have the recalled product in your cupboards, please check and return it to the place of purchase. Alternative infant formula should be used in the meantime.

You should be able to return formula, even open cans, to the place of purchase and request a refund. If the store refuses to provide a refund for returned products within recall call the Nutricia Customer Care line 0800-258268.

The retailer must physically take the product from you because the products are subject to a recall and must be returned to the manufacturer via the retailer.

Switching to a new formula

We know many of you will have needed to change baby formula following the Fonterra recall. There are many formulas available. There is no evidence that one company’s formula is better than another’s.
It doesn't matter too much what brand you switch to. Choose a product that is the right one for your child’s age, best suits your budget and is readily available from your local store.

There shouldn’t be any problem in changing formula. Your baby might disagree with the switch at first, but they'll adapt. Your baby may not take the same amount of formula immediately, but they will get used to it really quickly. Just go slowly, and be patient. Aim for small, frequent feeds.

Sometimes babies poos (bowel motions) might change slightly in consistency, this is nothing to be concerned about as long as baby is feeding well, having regular bowel motions, and is otherwise well.

Do not add anything to the new formula, make it up exactly as recommended. Do not add any sugar or sweetener of any kind to the formula.

If you have any questions about feeding your baby please call PlunketLine 0800 933 922.

If you have concerns that your baby is not feeding well, or is vomiting or constipated call HealthLine (0800611116) or your family doctor for advice.

Financial assistance

If you are on a low income, or receive a benefit, Work and Income may be able to help with costs that you are facing because of the Karicare product recall. This could include help with the costs of travelling to the grocery store or to your doctor. To find out what help you might be able to get, contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009.

More information

You can find the most up to date information on the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) website, or view the media releases from Plunket and MPI below.

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