Keep safe this winter

Heater safety

The nights are getting longer and colder and keeping children warm and safe is a priority as winter settles in.

Heating the home brings with it a number of potential safety hazards and we need to ensure people are aware of the dangers and the simple rules that could help keep everyone safe.  

Burns from heaters and fires are a real danger for children. A fireguard around the fire or heater, attached to the wall so it can’t fall or be moved, helps protect children from burns. We advise parents and caregivers to learn and remember the ‘heater-metre rule’. It’s about keeping any people and materials that can burn, including bedding, curtains, clothes and furniture, at least one metre from all types of heaters, cookers and fires.

Also look out for matches, lighters and candles and ensure they are kept out of reach of children and where possible use child-resistant lighters and safety matchbox holders.

Winter also means hot soups, meals and drinks to keep us warm.  A cup of hot liquid spilt over a young child covers the same area as a bucket of hot liquid poured over an adult.  So it’s important to remind parents to be extra alert around young children and hot liquids, keep drinks and soups out of reach and suggest replacing tablecloths with placemats and using back elements, turning pot handles away from stove fronts when possible.

Following a few simple rules and being more alert around these key safety hazards can keep everyone safer this winter.

For more safety information check out our safety section.

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