Keeping your whānau safe this winter

The cold, the rain, the wind - there is no doubt that winter has finally arrived.

During these colder months more time is spent inside as we wait for winter to pass and the warmer weather to arrive.   Winter can be a great opportunity to spend time with your children inside (and outside), allowing them to explore in the house, playing with them and doing things together.  To reduce the risk of your child having an accident or injury while inside it is important to cast your eye around and look for dangers – and ways you can reduce these risks.

If you get down on the floor at your toddler’s eye level it provides a perspective of what things look like to them – the electric cords, the heater or fire that is on the keep everyone warm, the table cloth that could be pulled and the cleaning products that they can see and reach.

To help keep you and your family safe in the home this winter these tips can help:

  • Have working smoke alarms and an escape plan in case of fire.
  • Use a fire guard in front of all heaters and fires. It is a good idea to secure these to the wall so they can’t be pulled over by little hands.
  • Don’t use an electric blanket in a child’s bed.  There is a risk of electrocution if this becomes wet.
  • An unflued gas heater can be dangerous and should never be used in a room where people sleep, it can give off dangerous fumes and too much moisture into the air. An electric heater with a thermostat is best.
  • Adults are more inclined to have hot drinks and food such as soup and noodles in the winter.
  • Remember not to use a table cloth as this can be pulled off the table, taking hot liquids with it.
  • Keeping hot drinks away from baby, where they can’t reach them is important
  • Don’t hold a hot drink and baby.  They may reach out and the liquid could spill over them, or you.
  • A cup of hot liquid spilled over a baby or young child covers the same surface area as a bucket of water over an adult.
  • To prevent falls, change baby on the floor and make sure to not leave them alone on a high surface, even for a moment.
  • It is a good idea to have a barrier at the top and bottom of stairs so little ones can’t fall down them.
  • Keep all poisons such as medicines and household cleaning products out of sight and reach.  Exploring and playing inside the house gives young children time to find poisons, often attractive looking liquids or tablets that look like lollies.
  • When heading out in the car we want to keep the littlies warm.  When in their car seat your child needs to have the harness close to their body so it is important that bulky clothes such as jackets are kept for wearing outside, rather than inside the car.  Having a blanket to put over them once the harness is on is a good idea to keep them warm.

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