Kids II Oball Rattles Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Kids II - Oball Rattles. The product has been recalled because the orange rattle beads may release from the rattle chamber opening, they present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.

What to do if you have this product 

You should immediately take the recalled Oball Rattle away from small children.

Call the helpline or visit the website for instructions to claim a refund: 
You will be requested to cut up the product and to provide a photo of the destroyed product.


Sold only after January 1, 2016. No other Oball products are affected by this recall.

Product Identifiers

The affected rattles can be identified as having one clear plastic rattle chamber with all orange beads, a product number of 81031 and a date code starting with the letter "T".

Date codes: T3065, T0486, T1456, T2316 and T2856, the date code is located on a small triangle on the inner surface of the Rattle.

O ball rattle

For more information see this link:

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