Media release: MPI welcomes Nutricia recall of two infant formula products

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) welcomes Nutricia’s recall of two lines of infant formula that may have been contaminated and is encouraging consumers to return any product they have or dispose of it.

MPI Acting Director-General Scott Gallacher says the health of consumers is of the utmost importance and it’s critical that these products are recalled until contamination by
Clostridium botulinum can be ruled out.

The recalled products are:

  • Karicare Stage 1 New Baby Infant Formula (from birth) – all batches

  • Karicare Gold+ Stage 2 Follow On Formula (from six months ) – all batches

The recall does not affect any other Nutricia Karicare products.

Clostridium botulinum is a food poisoning bacteria that can cause infant botulism. Contamination potentially occurred when whey protein concentrate was processed in a dirty pipe at a Fonterra plant.

Yesterday MPI issued precautionary advice not to use some of Nutricia’s products because all potentially contaminated products made from the whey protein concentrate had not yet been traced.

Following further information from Fonterra today, Nutricia has decided to conduct a precautionary recall of two of its products until all potentially affected batches have been traced.

Scott Gallacher says Nutricia’s approach is consistent with MPI’s precautionary advice.

“It’s critical that any products that are a potential risk to public health are removed until we can be assured they are safe. At this time we don’t know which products are potentially contaminated and because of that uncertainty a recall is prudent.

“It is important that people do not consume any of the recalled products they may have purchased. We are urging people to check their cupboards and if people do have any of the recalled products they should return them to where they bought them from for a full refund or dispose of them via their normal household rubbish.”

Mr Gallacher says that MPI is working closely with Fonterra and Nutricia to trace all potentially contaminated products as quickly as possible.

“We are continuing to review all of the information as it comes to hand and if anything changes, we will provide an update as soon as one becomes available.”

Media contact

MPI media phone 029 894 0328 or

Consumer support

If people have health concerns, they can ring Healthline on 0800 611 116 or Plunketline on 0800 933922 for advice.

People can telephone MPI’s consumer helpline on 0800 693 721 if they have questions about a product.

Note: The Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Primary Industries support and encourage parents to breastfeed their infants until a year of age, and supplement their diet with appropriate solids from around six months of age. Infants under the age of one year who are not breastfed should be fed with an appropriate infant formula, and should not be fed with regular cow’s milk.

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