“My baby won’t walk until he’s 16.”

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How your love and compassion helped a heartbroken young mum.

This story is too painful and personal to share the names, so we have changed these, but it shows how important you are to New Zealand’s most heartbroken families.

Mary and James moved as close to Auckland as they could afford, because their baby boy has extreme Talipes –severe twisting of the feet. His entire childhood will be spent in and out of hospital, constantly wearing a restrictive harness that will slowly straighten his legs and feet. 

Their new town is more than two hours from Auckland but the rent is still so high that James needs three jobs to pay the bills. So Mary found herself virtually alone with no money, no friends, no family and no transport.

Thanks to you, though, there was one place she could go. She arrived at her local Plunket Centre looking absolutely crushed, Plunket Nurse Jan welcomed her warmly.

"She came to Plunket crushed by loneliness, financial hardship and stress of her newborn's severe disability. She left with hope, because you care about her. Thank you."

“She burst into tears and blurted out that she was desperately lonely. A mother doesn’t just cry in front of a stranger. She was at the end of her tether. It broke my heart.” 

“When you’re a mum, with a child who has lots of issues, you just need someone to listen, to be heard and not judged.”

Nurse Jan was able to put this despairing mum in touch with the local services and support that Plunket can only provide because of your generosity and compassion. 

“She went away feeling like someone understands and cares about her.” Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for caring enough to show a heartbroken new mum that her family is not alone.


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