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New fundraising campaign to help Auckland City Plunket

Sandbox Tees AucklandA group of innovative volunteer mums have launched a new initiative to raise money for Plunket in the Auckland area.

The initiative, called ‘Sandbox Tees’, is a limited release t-shirt fundraising campaign. While the t-shirts have been available for sale since 2010, the campaign itself has been given a new name, branding and a brand new website.

Designed in-house, the unique t-shirts inject a bit of wry humour into the standard slogan by drawing on the experiences and challenges we all face as parents and caregivers alike.

What’s available?

Sandbox Tees will be producing a range of high quality sizes and styles, including:

  • onesies

  • t-shirts kids aged 1 -5

  • grown-up tees for mums.

The children's range will be available in a wide range of colours, while the adults t-shirts will only be available in a calming white and a loud black.

How much?

The childrens t-shirts and onesies will be sold for $20 - $25 and the adults tshirts for $25 - $30 depending on the pre-sale or multi-buy price. They make the perfect Christmas gift!

Where can I buy them?

‘Sandbox Tees’ for Plunket is a limited release campaign, and will be available for sale in 2 waves:

  • A special offer pre release only available online at sandboxtees.co.nz from the 30th October – 5th November.  Kids t-shirts will be $20 and adults $25, and a wider range of colours will be available to purchase.

  • Standard release, available both online and at various market stalls around central Auckland, with kids t-shirts increased to $25 and Adults t-shirts to $30 with discounts available for a multi-buy.

Please contact Ruth Nelson for more information about the campaign.



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