New Initiatives Extend Plunket's Reach

New Initiatives

Plunket is supporting three exciting initiatives designed to ensure the safety     and wellbeing of our children.


Training the babysitters of the future

Through our Education in Schools programme we’ve updated the Plunket Babysitting Certificate course, which teaches potential babysitters how to keep children safe and ultimately be responsible, caring, trustworthy, respectful and competent in their roles. Targeted mainly at students aged 13-14, the course is also sometimes taught as part of after-school programmes and community activities and in Girls’ Brigade and Plunket centres.

Supporting refugee families

Plunket Education in Schools programme is also working with Red Cross to provide training and support for people who look after refugee children while their parents attend settlement support and orientation courses. The carers, who are often former refugees themselves, care for 5-10 children at a time, and learn important First Aid skills and how to keep children safe.
The results of a trial training session in Wellington are now being evaluated with a view to extending the programme to other settlement areas.

Recycling expired car seats 

Plunket is a partner with SeatSmart, a programme that, for a small fee, strips down and recycles old and expired car seats. Through our involvement we hope to reduce the use of unsafe and expired seats, cut the number dumped at rubbish tips and on roadsides – and encourage people to check their seats regularly for both expiry dates and wear and tear. Launched at two sites in April in conjunction with the 3R Group, the programme has already collected almost 900 seats for recycling, removing these unsafe seats from circulation.



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