New Pick Me Help Plunket partner welcomed

Bayer is a global enterprise and its Consumer Health division is one of the leading suppliers of non-prescription (OTC) drug products and dietary supplements. Its well-known brand, Bepanthen has been healing skin for over 70 years – a product many of you with babies and children may already be familiar with!

Bepanthen® Ointment, which is now under the Pick Me Help Plunket umbrella, has a dual action to help treat and prevent nappy rash, keeping skin hydrated by providing a breathable waterproof barrier. Unlike other nappy rash creams, Bepanthen® Ointment contains Provitamin B5 which helps the skin actively heal and repair its natural barrier from within. Bepanthen® Ointment does not contain perfumes, colours or preservatives and a clinical study has shown that using Bepanthen® Ointment to help protect baby’s skin at every nappy change leads to a lower incidence of nappy rash.

“It’s very exciting to have Bayer New Zealand as a partner. Like us the Bepanthen brand has been around for years and is well known in New Zealand. Under the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, each sale of Bepanthen® Ointment contributes directly to helping support families around the country”, says National Fundraising Manager, Carolyn Mettrick.

It’s through partnerships with organisations like Bayer New Zealand, and donations from the public, that Plunket is able to continue to make a difference to thousands of families in New Zealand. 

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