Plunket AGM records historic vote

Plunket’s vision is that ‘In the first 1000 days, we make the difference of a lifetime’. In an historic vote at its National AGM today, Plunket agreed that the best way to achieve that vision is to move away from its current Area Society structure and transition into a more modern and relevant national charitable trust.

A single, cohesive national organisation will make it easier for Plunket to deliver fairer outcomes for its families and children with a focus on areas that need it most, Acting New Zealand President Christine Lake says.

“Plunket has survived for 109 years as a charity because we have been able to recognise that as New Zealand society has changed, so too must we adapt. It took courage to make this decision, but it is one that is critical to the future of Plunket.”

“I am proud that our members have agreed to make these changes as the best way to honour the efforts of those who have come before us and to protect Plunket’s legacy for future generations of children and whānau.”

The consolidation of the remaining 14 Area Societies into the National Society, ahead of the transition into a single national charitable trust, will enable Plunket to deliver more equitable outcomes from its community services. It will also allow the organisation to invest in modernising its services and systems, and enable it to manage its property more efficiently.

Area Societies have ceased to operate in some areas of the country as volunteer numbers have fallen, Mrs Lake says. While Plunket delivers the Well Child service in most parts of the country through the contract with the Ministry of Health, other services such as parenting education programmes and play groups are not being universally provided because of a lack of local volunteers and fundraising.   

The National Board will continue to work with the Area Boards and local Plunket groups throughout the transition. The new structure will:

  • enable existing Plunket groups to continue to operate and offer their services;

  • ensure local people continue to have a say in the services planned for their area;

  • maintain the need, and support, for volunteers to be involved in fundraising activities; and

  • not reduce the community services available in regions currently served by Area Societies.

“As a charity, Plunket relies on the effort and generosity of Kiwis across the country to keep delivering services that are not funded through contracts with the government,” Mrs Lake says. “We want local communities to continue to have input into the planning, funding and delivery of local community services.

“This is important if we are to achieve our vision of making a difference in the lives of all Kiwi children, no matter where they live.”  

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