Plunket and Huggies Nappies Make Time for Hugs

Make time for hugsPlunket is partnering with the Huggies nappies team to bring a simple yet important message to kiwis to Make Time for Hugs.  Believing it takes a village to raise a child, we want to remind not only mums and dads, but the extended family, of the deep and lasting benefits of hugs to a child’s development and wellbeing and the importance of making time to hug their baby.

Make Time for Hugs captures the everyday moving emotional connections between mum, dad, grandparent, sibling, aunt, and baby of real New Zealand families. This is to highlight the benefits of a hug, such as lowering the baby’s heart rate, helping them relax and encouraging brain development.

Plunket nurse Katrina Coleman, who is featured in the TV ad and online video, explains that there are about 167 babies born every day in New Zealand and Plunket nurses see over 90% of them. Along with many other Plunket nurses, Katrina observes that young parents’ lives are busy these days, so it is important for families to intentionally ‘make time’ to ensure the natural part of bonding from a hug is taking place in the family home.

“It’s important to hug your baby and to remind parents that it’s ok, in this busy world, to stop and just enjoy hugging and holding your baby, that it’s of real worth and value.

“I think this message is really positive because nobody can dispute, regardless of what your parenting philosophy might be, the fact that hugs are really important to your children,” says Katrina.

Bringing this message to New Zealanders would not have been possible without Plunket’s partnership with Huggies nappies.  Hugs are central to the Huggies brand, in fact the name is a blend of the words ‘hugs’ and ‘babies’.  Huggies® Nappies has been Plunket’s sponsor partner for almost 25 years, sharing the same belief in providing the best care for baby.  Huggies products are the only brand to receive Plunket’s endorsement.

To find out more about Plunket’s partnership with Huggies and to see more about the benefits of hugs, visit the Huggies website.


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