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Plunket Parent Group Meet UpA recent email from a Plunket mum led us to an astonishing discovery: a Plunket mothers’ group that first met in September 1951, and continues to meet today!
Kellie wrote to tell us about her grandmother who, now 87 years old, is an active member of the ‘Plunket Old Girls’ – a group of women who as young mothers formed the Royal Oak Plunket Mothers’ Club.

With their babies as their uniting force, the mothers initially met for afternoons of fun and friendship in a local church. Later, and as their children grew older, they held evening meetings in borrowed rooms and each other’s homes, and more recently they’ve chosen to lunch at a local cafe. These meetings have given the women precious time to ‘be themselves’ – and, staying true to the group’s origins, organise countless fundraising drives for their favourite charity, Plunket!

The POGs (as they’re affectionately known) have achieved remarkable results for their efforts. Through jumble sales, cake stalls, dine-and-dance evenings and theatrical performances, they’ve supported the Onehunga Plunket clinic for more than 62 years. Two of their members, Dulcie Robertson and Flora (‘Biddy’) Deuchar are Plunket Life Members who proudly say to their families that they “built” the clinic.

Today, the meetings are still important social gatherings for the POGs. And while, sadly, some have passed away, the others (of whom most are now aged over 90) continue to meet for lunch about twice a year. As Kellie said in her email, “I think it’s amazing, 60-plus years of friendship and support that started with Plunket, which now supports my Grandma’s great-grandchildren.”
Biddy sums up the spirit that’s lasted for generations: “We’re proud of Plunket and our very special friendships.”


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