Plunket Appeal Week, 6-12 March 2016

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It's Plunket’s annual Appeal week!

Appeal brings in a substantial amount of funds for your local Plunket. Funds raised can make a significant difference to services funded and offered to local communities including parent education programmes, parent support groups such as coffee groups, play groups and toy libraries. Our dedicated Plunket volunteers are organising various fundraising events in your community between 6-12 March and for the entire month of March.

Plunket’s corporate partners are also coming together to support the Plunket Appeal. BNZ, Plunket’s Principal Partner will be right behind Appeal week for the sixth year in a row, providing promotion and donation buckets in every store and all sorts of BNZ fundraisers, bake sales and sausage sizzles - which are bound to cause some competition between BNZ stores!

 You too can support parents and children throughout New Zealand by supporting Plunket’s fundraising events and making a donation to our friendly Plunket team.



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