Plunket honours local mum

Eva Silverstone from Freemans Bay has been named Volunteer of the Year 2016 for Plunket’s Northern Region.EDT 8x12 Eva 7 002

Originally from Germany, mum-of-three Eva has been volunteering for her local Plunket for nine years.

Starting as the coffee group host and coordinator, Eva has taken over the role as secretary to the President of the Ponsonby/Herne Bay Plunket Committee and is now leading the area’s volunteer group and does everything from running fundraising events, writing for the quarterly newsletter to being the contact for parents in the area.

Eva said, “For me, it’s all about the contact with other families and being able to help. Those early days as a new parent are tough, especially when there is no family close by. It gives me a real buzz realising that I can make someone’s life easier by getting them in touch with others, or by just helping out reading or looking after the kids at school.”

“It is very rewarding getting the positive feedback from mums and seeing that they have fun meeting each other, and how helpful Plunket and the nurses can be. Whenever I tell my friends in Germany about Plunket, they are impressed by the amazing service and wish something similar would exist in Germany!” Eva said.

Eva was nominated by the Community Services Leader for her area, Annalee Hayward who said, “Eva is a great supporter of Plunket and is always happy to assist in any way she can. She puts an amazing amount of effort into her groups and the community. We’re lucky to have her!”

The award was presented by Plunket President Andrée Talbot over the weekend at Plunket’s Northern Volunteer Symposium.

Ms Talbot said, “Volunteers are truly the backbone of Plunket. There is absolutely no way we could achieve the difference we do in the lives of children, families and communities all across Aotearoa were it not for our amazing team of volunteers.”

“This symposium was a wonderful opportunity to say thank you, and also to invest in our volunteers and their professional development and set goals for the coming year,” Ms Talbot said.

There are a number of different ways people can use their skills and time to volunteer for Plunket, and help kids and whānau across New Zealand. 

For more information or to register your interest, head to Plunket’s website ( or get in touch with your local Plunket Centre.

If you would like to be involved in the Ponsonby/Herne Bay Plunket Group, please email Eva and the team at  

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