Plunket movement and music group held at rest home

Residents of Temuka’s Wallingford Rest Home are forgoing popular hair appointments so they can attend a weekly Plunket music and movement class for babies and young children. 

The rest home is the latest to be involved in visits by Plunket groups which includes the Baby Buddy playdate at the Lady Allum rest Home in Auckland and Otago Plunket’s playgroup in the St Andrews rest Home in Dunedin.

The  music and movement class at the rest home is a must-attend for some residents. Nurse manager Raewyn Mehrtens said there was a real sense of urgency among the residents to get to the classes on time. "Some of them are skipping their showers on Thursday to get to the classes. There is some pressure on the care-givers to get them ready on time," she said.

The classes had proven so popular, residents were missing other usually popular appointments such as the hairdresser visits. One of those who ensures she does not miss the new class is resident Hilda de Latour. "I am here every week... the kiddies are all very friendly and they have a lot of fun. I quite enjoy the kiddies. I got no little ones of my own".

Temuka Plunket president Sophie Sullivan said the interaction between the children and adults did both some good. "The numbers are really high, we are getting a good turn out each week. There are 20-25 babies and children coming each week. The residents enjoyed it as much as the children," she said. "Now there's a lot more of them sitting around and watching the children".

Local Community Services Leader Jane Denley says there are now plans to start a baby massage at the home, especially as it is one of the warmest venues in town. 

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