Plunket partners with VTNZ to help grow great kiwi kids

Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ) has teamed up with Plunket to help provide for New Zealand’s future generations as a ‘Pick Me Help Plunket’ partner. The two organisations have been working together since 2006 but are now formalising and extending the relationship.

VTNZ Chief Executive Mike Walsh said that, as part of VTNZ’s commitment to safety, “we’re delighted to increase our nationwide support for Plunket to help them provide more support services to New Zealand families.

“Plunket is a kiwi icon, they’ve been welcomed into the homes of New Zealand families for over 100 years. They’re dedicated to giving New Zealand parents the support they need to nurture healthy, happy kiwi babies.

“We’re committed to supporting the communities that support our stations. Plunket is an important part of communities around the country. They’re invited into over 90% of New Zealand homes with new babies - that’s extraordinary!

“Since September 2012, we’ve partnered with Plunket to distribute information to families to help keep kids safe in cars with a focus on child restraints. By extending our relationship and becoming a ‘Pick Me Help Plunket’ partner we can support Plunket through the purchase of independent vehicle safety and maintenance services that will help keep their family safe when travelling from A to B.

“There are vouchers on both the Plunket and VTNZ websites and whenever these vouchers are presented the customer will receive a 10% discount on selected services and VTNZ will donate a further 10% to Plunket.

“This partnership is hugely exciting for us as most of our customers, and indeed ourselves, at one time or another have benefited from Plunket’s support.

“With over 800 passionate team members in the VTNZ family and 82 stations located in communities across the country we have an opportunity to make long-term positive impact on families.”

Plunket CEO Jenny Prince says Plunket is thrilled about the partnership.

“We’re fortunate to have a strong and vibrant sponsor family, which includes some of the highest profile brands in New Zealand. That now includes VTNZ.

“While Plunket’s free home and clinic visits are government funded, we rely on community fundraising and sponsorships to provide all our other support services.

“Services such as parent support groups, playgroups, car seat services, parenting education programmes and toy libraries are as important to raising happy, healthy children as any of the other work we do.

“This partnership with VTNZ will help to ensure every New Zealand family has access to Plunket support services when they need it most.”

For more information contact:

Nikki Prendergast | Plunket Media Manager

021 405 842

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