PlunketPlus – from filing cabinet to tablet

PlunketPlus is an exciting initiative from Plunket, which will change the way we record, store and access information, integrate services and have the ability to connect in real time, at the point of care.

“It has made me proud of our achievements to date, excited by our innovative initiative and also aware that this will touch all our people, every aspect of our business, and ultimately our clients. This is one of the largest projects that we’ve ever undertaken” Plunket CEO, Jenny Prince said.

“We are undertaking 25 years of technology in just five, from storing our information on paper in files to having all client information stored on Plunket servers, and accessible while mobile, at anytime, anywhere.”

Plunket is developing PlunketPlus to be more than just a system to store information. The system has been designed by our staff to ensure that it is service-led and is focused on the needs of our clients. It will be used to support our health care services by accessing and recording information via the use of tablets, while working with children and their families in their homes or at local Plunket clinics.

Plunket had close to 1,000,000 contacts* in 2012, made by New Zealanders connecting to one of our services. By accessing more accurate and integrated information, Plunket will be able to help contribute to improving the health outcomes for New Zealand children and their families.

PlunketPlus will improve the way we communicate and how we connect with each other, the quality of information at our fingertips, and faster and more seamless interactions, along with the capability to engage in new ways with the communities we work in.

Plunket is currently in the testing and development stage of the first phase of implementation. The primary focus is to ensure the safety of our client information and the security of our system. This phase covers robust system testing and development, system functionality, staff readiness and training, and a continuous cycle of review, feedback and change. Our priority is to get things right before we more on into the next phase of the project.

PlunketPlus will enable Plunket to deliver more integrated and interactive services, work in closer partnership with parents and caregivers, respond more quickly to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children, and connect more closely with organisations in the health and social service community.

PlunketPlus is an investment in the future of New Zealand children.

*Figure from financial year ending June 2012.

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