PlunketPlus – the new electronic client information system

Plunket is in the first stage of the development of PlunketPlus – the new electronic information system – which will eventually see Plunket nurses being able to access the records of every Plunket child in the country, via the use of tablets.

When developing PlunketPlus, Plunket wanted to do more than simply move from a paper based system to an electronic one. Plunket’s General Manager of Service Delivery Brenda Hynes says “Plunket will connect us in new ways with our clients and other service providers across New Zealand, and will transform the way we access information at the point of care with the children and families we work with”.

Importantly, this is a service-led project, which has a significant IT component, and has been designed by our staff, directed by our services and centred on our clients – ensuring that our mission to support the development of healthy families - is at the heart of what we do.

“We’ve had nurses involved right from the start, from the tender of the system design requirements, the choice of service provider, to the testing we are presently doing”.

One of the driving factors in the development of PlunketPlus was the determination by Plunket to ensure we deliver something that is relevant to families and their needs, and can help enable staff and volunteers to work in better partnership within their communities. It is also about improving health outcomes and freeing up nurses’ time to care.

Plunket plans to use the system initially with ten nurses/health workers and their clients in two Auckland suburbs – Sylvia Park and Otahuhu. “We will trial and evaluate the system until we are satisfied that our nurses are able to use it with ease and in the way it was designed, and will make any necessary changes before wider deployment.”

Nurses have already undertaken training on using the application on tablets and are keen to start using the system with clients.   The national roll out will be phased, and will probably take another five years to be fully operational throughout New Zealand.

PlunketPlus will enable Plunket to deliver more integrated and interactive services, work in closer partnership with parents and caregivers, respond more quickly to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children, and connect more closely with organisations in the health and social service community.

PlunketPlus is an investment in the future of New Zealand children.

Our Plunket nurses will have information at their fingertips, while mobile, at anytime, anywhere

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