Plunket's top summer safety tips

Summer is all about fun, family, friends and hopefully some sunshine. But it’s also a time when sunburn and accidents are all too common. Here’s how to help keep your children safe while you’re making the most of the summer months.

  • Children are often travelling with different family or friends so it’s important their car seats travel with them. 
  • Keep children within arm’s reach whenever you are at the beach, down by the river or at a pool - if you can’t grab them you can’t save them. 
  • At big family gatherings, people often put someone in charge of watching children swimming or playing the the water and this is a really good idea. 
  • While you’re outside, remember the slip, slap, slop and wrap message. Slip into some shade and some cool cover-up clothes, slop on the sunscreen, slap on a hat and don’t forget the sunglasses. 
  • Burns aren’t just caused by the sun. Watch out for the children while you are barbecuing or enjoying a bonfire.
  • If you have lots of visitors staying make sure everyone knows how to escape if there is a fire or other emergency. Also check your smoke alarms are working.
  • Always know where the kids are before getting in the car.

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