Pop-Up Playgroups

In Whangarei Plunket is trialing an exciting new venture, Pop-Up Playgroups. A notice goes up on the Facebook page, the van heads to the local park or community hall, out pop the toys, fort-building bricks and healthy snacks … and along come some very grateful mums.


The sessions provide an oasis of companionship and encouragement. 

The Whangarei Plunket nurses are telling us mums are excited about having a playgroup within walking distance of home. Being close to home makes it seem easier to walk into a group of strangers … who are not strangers for long.


Shar Lovina is Plunket’s Community Service Leader in the Lower Northland area. She says it is so nice to see mums connecting. “They come up to the facilitator and say you know, this has made such a huge difference in my life because now I have this friend.”

This has proved to be a great way of meeting and sharing and we hope it will continue well into the future. 

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