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Plunket Build a Bus AppealOur thanks go to everyone who has supported our recent appeals. Your belief in our work and commitment to the wellbeing of New Zealand’s children leaves us humbled and very, very grateful.

Building buses

In October last year we launched the ‘Build a Bus’ appeal in response to an urgent need for more mobile Plunket clinics. Our existing fleet was rundown and needed replacing, and regions without mobile clinics were desperate to meet the increasing needs of families in danger of ‘falling through the gap’.
Then came some exciting news: our fleet partner LeasePlan offered to provide a free mobile clinic if we could raise the first $55,000 ourselves. With your help we can now get three new buses!

Work has already started on getting the new buses fitted out and on the road. One will go to Northland and another to Waitemata to replace the worn-out buses operating there. The third will go to Wellington to help with B4 School Checks, Well Child Checks and community events. And it’s all thanks to the kindness of Kiwis like you!

Helping to shape our children’s future

Earlier this year we shared with you a story from Maria, a Plunket Clinical Leader based in Canterbury.  After enjoying a visit from an enchanting toddler at her local Plunket Rooms, Maria reflected on the little girl’s first 1000 days. She realised that Plunket had a really important role in this critical time of the child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development, providing an extensive range of services specifically designed to help her and her family.

Clearly Maria’s story struck a chord with Plunket supporters like you. With your help we raised enough money for:

  • 1500 copies of Thriving Under Five, a book to help parents with all aspects of raising healthy, happy children

  • 450 additional home visits by Plunket volunteers

  • 200 parents to attend a Parenting Education class

  • 64 monthly leases of Plunket cars for Parents as First Teachers community workers.

So thanks again, you’re making a really tangible difference for others in your community.

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