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Plunket and its wonderful partners have put together some great ideas to help you start 2016 on the right track. So when you’re next relaxing, take a look at how you can make 2016 a cracker of a year!

  • Plunket’s Principal Partner BNZ, suggests starting the year off on the right financial track by setting goals for you and your family. It's easy to push this to the side in the rush of daily life, but it’s really important for the future of you and your family. BNZ have some great tips and tools available on their website to help you create both personal and family budgets.

  • Be a fun and attentive parent. It can be hard with the demands of work and technology. Set aside specific times where you are fully present and can play and interact - put the phone and the camera aside. You can find some fun activity ideas here.

  • Summer is the perfect time to clean and air out your duvets – something we often forget to do!  Here’s some helpful information from our Pick Me Help Plunket partner Fairydown to ensure you have a healthy and better night’s sleep.

  • Expect a little less. Be okay with a little less constant scheduling and action filled days. Slow down because children need a lot of slow to grow.

  • Wattie’s recommends taking advantage of summer fruit and veges by making meals and baby food now and freezing them for the colder months, when the variety of fruit and veges is at its lowest. Check out these simple and cost effective recipes for the whole family.

  • Worry less. Keeping kids safe should be a priority, but don't let your worries drive your life. Instead, find ways to make my kid's world safer and let them actively explore what's around them.

  • Pick Me Help Plunket partner Dettol, suggests starting the year off by working your way through the ‘big’ jobs like cleaning the windows, fridge, pantry, oven etc. Get the kids involved by getting them to clean out their wardrobes and draws and give everything a good spray to get rid of dust and bacteria. Here are some other useful cleaning tips.

  • Listen to your children and look at the world through their eyes e.g. what is boring for us might be new and exciting for them.

  • Public Trust encourages you to take a moment this summer to consider your estate planning and make sure your family are looked after. Once your Will is in place, you only need to think about it when there’s a significant change in your life (like a new arrival). More tips here.

  • Don’t forget to take a breath: When stressed take a big breath, count to 10, think about what your child's behaviour telling you e.g. tired, hungry, needing connection.

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