Surviving the School Holidays

Whooping Cough

In case you need some inspiration for making it through the school holidays, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for making these holidays fun for the whole family.

  • Take advantage of the free activities around your city: Take a picnic in a local park or visit the local museum for free! There will usually be free activities on offer during school holidays, check in with your local city council or library to see what they have on offer.

  • Make a plan: For those routine loving children, holidays can be a struggle as their world is not as predictable as during school term. Take the time to map out what is happening each day - you might like to plan with them the night before what the next day is to bring even if it is a day at home doing the chores.

  • Have a back-up plan: The weather doesn’t always cooperate with best laid plans, so try to have a couple of indoor activities planned in case your outdoor activities are no longer possible. Here are a few places you can find awesome indoor activity ideas:

    BestStart School Holday Activities

    30 Days of Play

    Plunket Pinterest boards

  • Share the load: Getting other your family or families involved in your holiday activities through play dates or kid swaps is mutually beneficial and will mean more company for the kids (and you!). It’s also super helpful if you have to work during the next two weeks or have appointments you can’t move.

  • Take a breath: It's okay not to have activities or plans for every single moment - children need down time and the opportunity to learn to be self-reliant and entertain themselves.


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