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Plunket lends its support to World Immunisation Week

Plunket says World Immunisation Week, which kicks off today (24 April), is a wonderful opportunity to promote the importance of immunisation to communities throughout New Zealand. World Immunisation Week (24-30 April) is a World Health Organization initiative to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. PlunketLine National Advisor Elaine Gordon says immunisation is a vitally important a tool to protect New Zealand families and communities.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 24 April 2015

Daylight Savings Ends April 3rd - Tips for Helping Kids Adjust

Daylight savings can sometimes disrupt sleeping patterns in young ones and while some children adjust easily to change, others need a little help – all children are different! Try some of the following tips to help your kids adjust to the end of daylight savings:

Young babies: Nothing much changes for young babies as they are still developing sleep and eating routines and will adjust when they are ready. Older children: You may have already noticed with the darker mornings that your children are already starting to sleep a little longer and as the days become shorter some children will naturally adapt very quickly to turning back the clock. Some children are regular as clockwork with their routines and they may find it easier to adapt to the change if there are incremental changes in their routine.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Shirin Bradfield on 22 March 2015

Information - Infant Formula Contamination Risk

New Zealand has some of the highest food safety systems globally and everything possible has been done to ensure infant formula is safe from this recent threat.   The risk of contamination is very low and we will continue to update any information as it comes out but please also check foodprotection. govt.

Tags: 0 comments 10 March 2015

Plunket needs your hugs!

Next week (2-8 March) is Plunket’s Annual ‘Bear Hug’ Appeal and Plunket volunteers are getting out and about to raise funds for local and regional services for children and their families. Plunket has been welcomed into the homes of New Zealand families for over 100 years - giving New Zealand parents the support they need to nurture healthy, happy kiwi babies.  
To keep Plunket services going, volunteers are once again fundraising in a range of ways across the country – from taking to the streets with Plunket mascot ‘Big Blue’ for a street collection, through to Teddy Bear picnics where people can make a gold coin donation while joining in the fun.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 27 February 2015

Kiwis pedal length of New Zealand to fund Plunket Playgroups

In March 120 team members from The Warehouse will embark on a cycle relay the length of New Zealand (2,213km) to raise funds for Plunket Playgroups. Pedal for Plunket, kicks off in Cape Reinga on Wednesday 4 March, crossing the Cook Strait on the Bluebridge Ferry on Thursday 12 March and then finishing in Bluff on Tuesday 17 March. Plunket and The Warehouse are encouraging Kiwis to support the ride by adding a dollar to their purchase at The Warehouse stores nationwide (from 4 March), visiting http://pedalforplunket.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 18 February 2015

Keep kids safe this Guy Fawkes night - Plunket

Plunket’s National Child Safety Advisor, Sue Campbell, urges families to take care and be responsible with fireworks this Guy Fawkes, to prevent children from being injured by fireworks. “We encourage people to attend public displays, where neighbours and friends can meet and enjoy the occasion safely. Large, spectacular public displays are held in many towns and cities around the country and can be great fun for all the family,” said Sue Campbell.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 7 November 2014

Plunket, ACC and families become ‘partners in car safety’ as new law turns one

Today (1 November) marks the first birthday of a new law requiring all children aged seven and under to be secured in a car seat or booster seat when travelling in a vehicle - and to mark the milestone, ACC and Plunket are encouraging families to invest in their children’s safety. On 1 November 2013, the law extended the age that children must be in a car seat or booster seat from their fifth birthday to their seventh birthday. In response, Plunket and ACC joined forces to subsidize over 10,000 car seats for community services card holders, supporting families to keep their kids safe in cars.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Jen Riches on 31 October 2014

Dettol launches 'Give Life a Hand' campaign

Our Pick Me Help Plunket partner Dettol are launching a great campaign which raises awareness about the importance of hand washing. Check out the GIVE LIFE A HAND campaign film. Every day, more than 2,000 kids around the world die from preventable illnesses like diarrhoea.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Hadden Morrison on 7 October 2014

Plunket's Katrina Coleman - NZNO Young Nurse of the Year

The NZNO Young Nurse of the Year for 2014 is Katrina Coleman, 27, a Plunket nurse in Newtown, Wellington. She works with a large number of new migrant families, and helping improve their health outcomes is just as likely to see her advocating to move them to better housing, as assessing children’s growth and development. The communities have changed since Plunket began over a century ago, but Katrina’s work today in building trust with families, and connecting them with the people and services they and their children need to thrive has a lot in common with those first Plunket nurses.

Tags: 0 comments 19 September 2014

Tips for dealing with Daylight Savings

Keeping your children’s bedtimes during daylight savings can be difficult, children can often wake earlier and get to sleep later as their body’s and minds adjust. Here are some tips you might find useful when daylight savings approaches:
In the week or two leading up to daylight savings, try getting your child into bed a little earlier each night. For example, adjust their bedtime by 15 minutes earlier each night this will be less noticeable to the body.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Caitlin Reddish on 18 September 2014

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