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Kids II Oball Rattles Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Kids II - Oball Rattles. The product has been recalled because the orange rattle beads may release from the rattle chamber opening, they present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age. What to do if you have this product 
You should immediately take the recalled Oball Rattle away from small children.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Mamae Munn on 16 March 2017

Detachable wall plug for AC power adapter for Medela breastpumps product recall

A product recall has been issued for Detachable wall plug for AC power adapter for Medela breastpumps. The affected detachable wall plugs were supplied with the following models of Medela breastpumps:
Swing: 030. 0040, and 030.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Mamae Munn on 29 August 2016

Evenflo car seat buckle recall notice

Evenflo, manufacturer of child restraints has issued a voluntary recall notice for selected models of car seats and booster seats. This recall relates to seats with a crotch buckle that may become resistant to unlatching (undoing) over time due to exposure to various items such as food and drinks. Difficulty in releasing the buckle in an emergency situation where prompt exit from the vehicle was necessary could increase the risk of injury.

Tags: 0 comments 8 April 2014

Nutricia Karicare product recall applying to specific dates

The Acting Director-General of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has today issued a revised Statement under the Food and Animal Products Acts regarding the precautionary recall in New Zealand of two Nutricia Karicare infant formulas. The revised statement shows that the precautionary recall now only applies to 900g cans of Nutricia Karicare Stage 1 Infant Formula (0-6 months) and Nutricia Karicare Gold+ Stage 2 Follow-on Formula (from 6 months) produced between 21 May 2013 and 2 August 2013 inclusive. Acting Director-General Scott Gallacher says this means batches of those products manufactured outside of those dates are now not affected by the precautionary recall.

Tags: 0 comments 13 August 2013

Formula recall information

Plunket will be providing regular updates on the precautionary recall of some Nutricia Karicare products. Only two lines of Nutricia Karicare infant formula have been recalled as they may have been contaminated with Clostridium botulinum bacteria. What is included in the recall?
The latest information from the Ministry for Primary Industries, as of midday Monday 12 August, is that there has been a narrowing of the infant formula recall information.

Tags: 1 comments 8 August 2013

Why babies shouldn’t be given cows’ milk

Parents and caregivers are starting to ask Plunket why they can’t just give their babies cows’ milk instead of formula. Plunket Clinical Advisor Allison Jamieson says that in days gone by, milk was given to babies under 12 months of age but it is no longer recommended. “International evidence now shows that whole cows’ milk is not suitable for babies under 12 months of age because it contains higher levels of protein and salt than are safe for babies immature kidneys.

Tags: 0 comments 8 August 2013

Calls to PlunketLine starting to reduce

Plunket says that the confusion that parents and caregivers have been experiencing regarding the current situation of potential contamination of infant formula appears to be slowly abating. Brenda Hynes, Plunket General Manager of Service Delivery says calls to PlunketLine are beginning to slow after a peak on Monday. “On Monday we had a 400% increase in calls and yesterday that reduced to a 220% increase.

Tags: 0 comments 7 August 2013

Plunket update: Potential infant formula contamination

Plunket is eager to help clarify the confusion that parents and caregivers are experiencing regarding the current situation of potential contamination of whey protein used in infant formula. Brenda Hynes, Plunket General Manager of Service Delivery say parents and caregivers are understandably concerned. “Plunket’s telephone advice line, PlunketLine, has been inundated with calls since the weekend and call numbers continue to increase.

Tags: 0 comments 6 August 2013

Media release: MPI welcomes Nutricia recall of two infant formula products

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) welcomes Nutricia’s recall of two lines of infant formula that may have been contaminated and is encouraging consumers to return any product they have or dispose of it. MPI Acting Director-General Scott Gallacher says the health of consumers is of the utmost importance and it’s critical that these products are recalled until contamination byClostridium botulinum can be ruled out. The recalled products are:

Karicare Stage 1 New Baby Infant Formula (from birth) – all batches

Karicare Gold+ Stage 2 Follow On Formula (from six months ) – all batches

The recall does not affect any other Nutricia Karicare products.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 6 August 2013

Minister visits Healthline and Plunketline

Health Minister Tony Ryall says Healthline and Plunketline have geared up their resources to help keep parents and the public updated about recent infant formula recalls. Visiting both health call centres in Wellington today, Mr Ryall said the safety of infants and reassurance for their families was paramount. “Healthline and Plunketline have done a very good job advising parents and caregivers, and I appreciate the extra hours and effort the nurses are putting in,” Mr Ryall says.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Ministry of Health on 6 August 2013

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